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We provide Engineering Mathematics - 1,2,3,4 , Discrete Mathematics, Electrical Technology, Circuit and System, Network Analysis, Control System, Physics, Java, Microprocessor, C, C++, Signal and System, Gates, DBMS, Operating System, Advance Computer Networks, Wireless Communication, Mobile Computing, ADA, VLSI.


B.Sc. Hons.

B.Sc. (Hons.) is very good option instead of B.Sc. if you want to make your career in teaching, research, R&D fields etc. We provide you the course of Mathematics Hons. and will teach you so that you can understand it easily.


BCA is a three year undergraduate degree course generally for students who wish to delve into the world of Computer languages. We will teach you Mathematics, C++, Java, DBMS and Discrete Mathematics.



Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithm. It's about understanding.



Physics is the most fundamental, and the least significant, of the Sciences. The knowledge of soul is the knowledge of universe.


Chemistry is a way of thinking much more than it's a body of knowledge. In-short, Chemistry is the astronomy of molecular world.


We not only provides the coaching for subjects but also for computer languages like C++ for the students.


The Standardized Education Delivery methodology at SRTutorial ensures perfect and consistent coaching by our faculty members. The teaching methodology is so unique and holistic that it generates not only excellent classroom discussions but also insightful study material. Each and every lecture is planned to make sure that the content delivered is standard, complete and finished in stipulated time.

Competitive environment and focused learning at SRTutorial provide the necessary edge and exposure to students.

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Our Faculites

We are the institute that follows a very strong, systematic & objective selection and training process before a teacher becomes our faculty. SRTutorial have very competent full-time faculty ensuring you get highly effective teachers in all subjects throughout your studies.

Online courses

SRTutorial provides online tutorial for all the students. These tutorials provide the basic idea of the topic and course to the student. These tutorials can be easily assessed on YouTube.


We never compromise on quality. Our penchant & pursuit of quality is evident in our every activity, in all our actions, at all times, everywhere.